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Buy the car you need and the price you want with direct access auction vehicles in the USA & Canada. We simplify the complex import process by handling everything for you. You, therefore, get the auction car that you need, hassle free.

Whether you’re a car dealer or an individual looking to purchase your dream American supercar, we will help you find and import your car from car auctions direct from North America to Ghana at a price that’s friendly to your pocket.

Our process guarantees safe and secure payment and delivery of your vehicle directly to you or to your Ghana auction site of choice. We make it easier for you to get access to thousands of low-cost vehicles from Auctions like Copart, IAA, Manheim and ADESA.

Want more info? Fill in the form on this page or call us on +233 (0) 50733 4140 or +16 7842 70553.

How to buy USA & Canada Auction cars in Ghana

Cheki makes the car import process very easy for you with 5 easy steps:

  1. Simple search: Choose your car online from our trusted partners at Insurance Auto Auction, Copart Auction, Manheim (a password is required and can be obtained by filling out the form on this page), or let us know which make and model you want and we will find it for you. If you prefer a personal touch, you can also attend live online car auctions in our offices.
  2. Fully refundable deposit: Make your 50% deposit of the bid price directly to Cheki so that our auction experts can secure your car for you at the best price. Deposits are 100% refundable if the bid is not won.
  3. It's yours: Receive proof of purchase with an invoice and official confirmation from the auction house before you pay in full. Payment is required within 48-hour submission of purchase confirmation from the car auction unless there are special circumstances which allow approval of extended payment terms. 
  4. Hassle free shipping: Transporting your new car to Ghana or another African port, processing the customs documents, proving the original bill of landing and clearing the port is handled by our experts. Alternative, Cheki can provide you with the dock receipt, title, and other necessary details if you wish to ship and clear the vehicle yourself.
  5. Enjoy: You got a quality car and the best price!

Why you should import auction cars to Ghana through Cheki

  • Safe and secure ordering
  • Low prices – many vehicles start at less than $1000
  • 17-day transit from the USA to Ghana
  • No hidden charge
  • Experienced representatives that support you in the process until your car is delivered
  • 100% guaranteed vehicle delivery or a full refund

Ready to Import your car? Get in touch with us in the way that best suits you:

  • Fill in the form above and we will reply via email within one business day
  • Call us on +233 (0) 50733 4140 or +16 7842 70553 (International Customers) 
  • Visit our offices at 5 Walnut Street, East Legon (Near A&C Mall) in Accra

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